Notre Dame Music Ministry

The Music Ministry at Notre Dame Parish has long been enviable.  Under all five pastors, there has been a willing number of talented musicians and singers.  Our music ministry prides itself on being “liturgically aware,” in that the music used complements the readings each Mass.

Mrs. Gretchen Wagner has been involved as coordinator for more than 40 years, and has continued to call forth the talents from the parish.

The parish boasts an Adult Choir of about 20 members, a Youth Choir under the direction of Rhonda Paglia, that sings at special occasions during the year, five pianists and organists, and several cantors.

There also is a contemporary group, the Notre Dame Folk Group. In its original format, the group produced and sold five CDs benefitting the Prince of Peace Center and the parish.  It currently has a pianist, bass, guitars, mandolin and flute and several vocalists.

The Music Ministry also has produced two musicals, “Moses and the Burning Within” and “Lost and  Found” over several performance years, with proceeds also benefitting the parish and Prince of Peace Center.

Anyone interested in becoming part of the Music Ministry is asked to contact the Parish Office at (724) 981-5566, Ext. 105.

Notre Dame Choir and Folk Group