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"Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” - Matthew 11:28

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Parish Mission Statement

Notre Dame Parish is a faith-filled community called to know, love and serve God. We respond to our Baptismal call to serve Jesus Christ through celebrative prayer and worship, education and proclamation of the good news, and service within and beyond our parish family. We are committed to recognize the giftedness of the people of God and to encourage their participation in sacramental worship, and send them forth into the world and transform it into the Kingdom of God.

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Advent Opportunity on the Hallow App
Advent Opportunity on the Hallow App

Happy Advent! If you are looking for a simple plan to prepare for our Lord's coming, we would like to invite you to join us in the Hallow: Advent #Pray25 with...

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LIVE THE LITURGY ~ 1st Sunday of Advent
LIVE THE LITURGY ~ 1st Sunday of Advent

Any human success requires vigilance.  Opportunities and powerful moments of encounter can easily be missed when we are not attentive.  It is all too easy today...

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Diocesan News ~ Celebrate the Season!
Diocesan News ~ Celebrate the Season!

Thanksgiving weekend highlights the bounty of God’s goodness as the church moves into Advent on Sunday. It is a good time to explore the variety of activities for i...

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Brighten the lives of others this Christmas season!
Brighten the lives of others this Christmas season!

Brighten the lives of children this Christmas by purchasing a gift for one of the 300 children [ages 14 and under] in need. Each of these children are enrolled with ...

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Come, Holy Spirit!
Come, Holy Spirit!

ADSUMUS SANCTE SPIRITUS Sheila Grove 11/02/2021              As the church begins the synodal process, the Synod of Bish...

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