Holy Eucharist

What is the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist?

Holy Eucharist is a sacrament and a sacrifice. In the Holy Eucharist, under the appearances of bread and wine, the Lord Christ is contained, offered, and received. The whole Christ is really, truly, and substantially present in the Holy Eucharist. We use the words "really, truly, and substantially" to describe Christ's presence in the Holy Eucharist in order to distinguish Our Lord's teaching from those who teach that the Holy Eucharist is only a sign or figure of Christ, or that He is present only by His power.

The word "Eucharist" means "Thanksgiving."

Because the appearances of bread and wine remain in the Holy Eucharist, we cannot see Christ with our bodily eyes in this sacrament. We do see Him, however, with the eyes of faith. Our bodily eyes, moreover, do not deceive us when they see the appearances of bread and wine for these appearances really remain after the Consecration of the Mass. For the Catholic Christian, the Eucharist is our communion with the Divine Life.

First Eucharist for Children

Children in grade 3 prepare for the sacrament of Holy Eucharist at Notre Dame. Please contact:

Joe Ranelli
Director of Religious Education
Phone: (724) 981-5566

Adult First Eucharist

Adults interested in receiving First Eucharist should contact the parish office at (724) 981-5566

Eucharistic Adoration

Jesus, truly present in the Eucharist, is exposed in a monstrance Monday - Wedneday 9am-11pm for private prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

If you are interested in committing to one hour a week or every other week, or would like to be put on a list to be called in case a substitute is needed, please call/text Jo Feeney at 724-699-3340.