Prince of Peace Center Soup Kitchen

Notre Dame Parish has had a long-term commitment to the important work of the Prince of Peace Center in Farrell, which provides services and resources to the poor of Mercer County. One of those services is the center’s Soup Kitchen, which provides meals for the poor twice a week. Notre Dame volunteers have been assisting at the Soup Kitchen for more than 35 years. Duties include cooking meals, packaging or serving, and cleanup.

Previously meals had been served in the dining area of the Center until the Covid epidemic.  Now they are takeout only. 

Since the Covid epidemic, the need for meals has increased with the Soup Kitchen serving between 90 and 125 people each meal. Festive meals also are prepared for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Notre Dame currently has two groups that cook and serve. One group volunteers on the second Monday of each month. To volunteer with the Monday group, call Diana at (724) 699-2880. The second group volunteers on the third Wednesday of each month. To volunteer with the Wednesday group, call Mary Lou at (724) 981-2736.