Thank you, Blase!

Posted on February 13, 2021 in: General News

Thank you, Blase!

Notre Dame Parish is blessed with many parishioners who give of their time and talent to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

One such person is Blase Cindric, who was the volunteer webmaster for the Church of Notre Dame website for 11 years. He recently relinquished those duties because of work commitments and other factors.

The parish has since contracted with a national firm to redesign and maintain the website, which can be found at

“I was always glad to do it as a service or donation to the parish,” said Blase, who is a professor of computer science at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio.

Blase recalls getting involved with the website in 2009. He had been helping then Notre Dame School librari- an Kathy Puleo with the library’s computer lab.

He learned that the parish website needed updated and maintained, so he agreed to take on those duties.

That included taking the weekly church bulletin and adding that content to the website along with such items as meeting notices, pho- tos and registration forms for religious education classes.

Over the years, Blase has done three redesigns of the website including a major update a couple years ago called a Responsive Design to allow cell phone users to better view the parish website.

“I had come to learn that some people did depend on the website so I felt like this was something I could do to help. It was fun,” he said.

Blase and his wife Pat, a Hermitage School District teacher, have three children, Blase, Brandon and Fiona.

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