Meet Fr. Richard Allen

The Very Rev. Richard J. Allen, E.V., was appointed pastor of the Church of Notre Dame by Bishop Lawrence Persico on February 13, 2017.  A native son of Hermitage, Fr. Allen is the son of Dr. Robert and Patricia Allen.  He attended Notre Dame and St. Anthony’s grade schools, and attended Kennedy Catholic High School for two years before graduating from Kiski Prep in 1982.  He graduated from Kenyon College with a bachelor’s degree in physics and earned a Master’s degree in business administration from Case Western Reserve University.  He worked for over a year in Cleveland, OH before deciding to enter the seminary in September of 1990.

He became a transitional deacon in May 1996 and was ordained a priest in April 1997.  Among his many experiences in his two decades as a priest before coming home to Notre Dame, he served 8½ years as an Army chaplain, including a 13 month tour of duty in Iraq in 2008-’09, and had five different addresses and assignments in 2004.  Fr. Allen is Notre Dame’s fifth pastor, succeeding Fr. Jeffery J. Noble.

Fr. Allen's faithful canine companion, Ginger, brings joy to visitors of Notre Dame's grounds and is a favorite of children young and old.

Fr. Allen introduces the Saints